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The City Prosecutor’s Office, as it exists today, was established on July 1, 2002. Prior to that date the City contracted with a private law firm to provide prosecution services. The city prosecutor’s responsibilities are to review police reports alleging violations of the City’s Municipal Code and State Vehicle Code, to file appropriate charges and represent the City at trial, sentencing and, if necessary, appeal of those cases to Lane County Circuit Court.

The city prosecutor’s support staff are responsible for creating charging documents, corresponding with victims and witnesses, responding to discovery requests, maintaining case files and assisting prosecutors with trial preparation. The city prosecutor contracts with additional private attorneys to handle case assignments, file review and court appearances as needed.

The City Prosecutor’s Office is committed to representing the City in a fair and equitable manner, and to handle all cases filed in Eugene Municipal Court consistently and efficiently. Our goals are to help provide for a safe community, which will enhance the quality of life for its citizens. Our office strives to achieve fair and equitable resolution of the cases filed, and to provide efficient and effective city services. We encourage all of our employees to be innovative, and to respect diversity of viewpoints in the workplace and in the persons who come into contact with our office.

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