Domestic Violence

About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an unacceptable and criminal systematic pattern of coercive and abusive behavior one person uses to maintain power and control over their intimate partner.

Without intervention, domestic violence only gets worse, not better. The Eugene Police Department, in cooperation with other members of the Lane County Domestic Violence Council, promotes and encourages early intervention in these cases to prevent future violence. The department is committed to doing its part to stop the cycle of violence, including intervening in ongoing domestic violence incidents and investigating such cases for purposes of prosecution.

Intervening in Domestic Abuse with Protective Orders

The three types of protective orders listed below have specific eligibility requirements. The Lane County District Attorney’s Office - Victim Services Program provides trained volunteers and staff to assist with the process of obtaining a temporary order, but advocates may not give legal advice and these pages do not purport to give legal advice. For more important information regarding protective orders, please see our FAQ section below.

About Restraining Orders

  • In effect only after respondent has been served with a copy
  • Order is good for one year and may be renewed or modified
  • Parties are related by blood, marriage, cohabitation or sexual relationship
  • Petitioner may be a minor under some circumstances
  • Physical injury or threatened abuse has occurred within the past six months
  • Respondent may be a minor under some circumstances
  • Valid in all 50 states

About Stalking Orders

  • A guardian ad litem may be required if the petitioner is a dependent person
  • In effect only after respondent has been served with a copy
  • May be granted against a minor
  • No relationship required between the parties
  • Permanent order is of unlimited duration, unless limited by law
  • Repeated, unwanted conduct that is alarming or coercing
  • The respondent may be dispossessed of firearms
  • Valid in all 50 states

About Elder and Disabled Orders

  • Abuse may be verbal or neglectful, as well as physical
  • In effect only after respondent has been served with a copy
  • Petitioner is 65 years old or disabled