Public Works Department - Engineering Division

We provide information, analysis, planning, and design services for the construction of and support to the operation and maintenance of the City’s public infrastructure, in the following areas:

  • Code development and technical services for compliance with federal and state water quality regulations
  • Customer service and rate setting functions for infrastructure fees
  • Design and manage construction of parks, airport, transportation, stormwater, and wastewater infrastructure projects
  • Land development review to determine infrastructure needs and compliance with design and construction standards. Provide related information to customers
  • Establish survey, design, and construction standards of acceptance for public infrastructure
  • Local and regional stormwater, transportation and wastewater services infrastructure planning
  • Promote and implement alternative transportation mode strategies
  • Information systems management including maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), infrastructure asset inventory records and databases, related computer applications support

Projects and Services

More information on our projects and services is provided in the following topic areas (links):

Related reference applications and documents include: