Parks and Open Space

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2018 Bond and Levy

Parks staff has been working on everything from strengthening safety and security efforts and increasing park maintenance, to planning park renovations and the creation of new parks in underserved areas. Recreation is moving forward with big renovations and expansions of their own.

Amazon Prairie Mitigation Bank

This summer Eugene breaks ground on its newest wetland mitigation bank, Amazon Prairie, west of the Eugene Airport. This first phase involves earthwork, seeding, and planting on over 140 acres of former ryegrass field. Over the next several years and in two phases, Eugene intends to restore a 320-acre matrix of wetland, upland prairie, and riparian habitat.

Downtown Riverfront Park

Now open! With broad river views, new bicycle and pedestrian paths, seating and overlooks, this three-acre park will be the heart of the riverfront redevelopment.

Lincoln School Park Renovation

As a result of fluctuating construction markets and bid prices we are looking at options to make our projects more flexible and to attract more contractors to submit competitive bids on our projects. This project has been delayed with expected completion in June 2022.

Santa Clara Park, Phase 1

With a master plan finalized, the first phase of development for this 35-acre park will begin in 2022. Development will include a large playground, dog park, restroom, walking trails, lawn, and places for community gatherings. 

Striker Field Park

This eight-acre park will include a large playground, basketball court, pickleball, pétanque, restrooms, picnic shelter, walking paths and space for community gatherings.

Suzanne Arlie Ridgeline Trail and Access

With a master plan completed, the largest park in Eugene (515 acres) will soon include a 2-mile extension of the main Ridgeline shared-use trail and a new trailhead accessible from Lane Community College.