Snowplow Art

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Snowplow Art: Partnerships in Action

Each year, Eugene Public Works partners with local schools to create art on City snowplows. In 2022 second grade students with Meadow View K-8 painted one of the Eugene Public Works newest plows. Their message "You Belong" highlights the school's commitment of creating a sense of belonging that positively impacts student learning, motivation, social engagement and wellbeing.  

Snowplow Art: History

In 2013 the Public Works Department initiated a snowplow art activity with local school districts. The idea of snowplow art came from other cities around the country who shared their concept through the American Public Works Association (see the APWA Reporter for more information).

In 2013, Spring Creek Elementary School in School District 4j and Fairfield Elementary School in Bethel School District participated in the event. It was a learning experience for Public Works staff and the teachers at the schools. But, overall, the children had fun and the artwork they produced was excellent. 

In 2014, Adams Elementary School and Willagillespie Elementary School were selected to paint snow plow blades.

Below are pictures of former Mayor Kitty Piercy sharing some of painted Snowplow Art from previous years.