Hazardous Materials Team

Our Hazardous Materials Team

In 1989, the Oregon Legislature authorized the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) to establish a statewide Hazardous Materials Emergency Response system. Oregon was the first state in the nation to respond to the hazardous materials response crisis, created by the new federal standards, with a statewide Hazardous Materials Emergency Response system.Image of two Hazmat Technicians working on off venting container, standing in a fog of fumes. To date, Oregon is one of the few states able to establish and maintain a program of this type. The HazMat Team is assigned to Fire Station 9 (Valley River). The team responds out of this location due to:

  • Available space
  • Its proximity to the center of Lane County
  • It has good response avenues to the three freeways which are primary transportation corridors for chemical delivery

Hazardous Materials Services

Hazardous materials response and mitigation services are provided on a special call basis, to control and mitigate accidental chemical releases. As a regional team, these services are provided to all of Lane County on a primary response basis, and to the rest of the State on a mutual aid response basis to support one of the other regional teams. The team operates as one of 13 State of Oregon Regional Hazmat Teams and, as such, is approximately 50% revenue-backed by the State. For additional information, please see the Oregon State Fire Marshal website.