Resources for Special Event Organizers

Eugene is a city that values special events as a means of bringing people together to enrich lives and strengthen communities through the celebration of arts, sports, culture, commerce and more.

This webpage is intended to help event organizers in their special event planning efforts, and to serve as a guide for event organizers to determine which permits, reservations and licenses may be needed from the City. Also, it provides links to key documents, staff contact information and non-city agencies.

What qualifies as a special event?

Permits are required if the proposed special event meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Any event that is a parade, carnival, festival, block party (not for private or residential use), or racing event.
  • Any event that requires the closure of any street or public right of way to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • Any event to be held at a public facility or city park with a projected attendance of 250 or more.
  • Any event that will require the use of city resources for security, crowd control, traffic control and/or Police services.
  • Any event that impacts the shorelines of the Willamette River, other waterways or natural resources, City bike path or trail or Lane Transit District bus routes.

What is the process for obtaining permits for special events?

  1. Submit your completed Event Notification Form at least 60 days prior to proposed event. Please allow 4-6 months prior to the event if your special event requires a significant amount of planning or long lead time for publicity and promotion.
  2. City reviews application and notifies organizer of the next steps and permits needed.
  3. Organizer will work directly with each permit division to obtain and fulfill permit requirements prior to event.
  4. Once all permits are received the event organizer will be approved to hold event.

Submitting the online Event Notification Form is not a substitution for applying for and obtaining the necessary permits. Submission of the Event Notification Form will enable City staff to assist you in the permit application process, including identifying potential problems with the proposed event that could result in permit denial.