When is a demolition permit required?

Demolition is defined as the deliberate destruction of a building or other structure, or significant portion thereof. A demolition permit is required to demolish any building that required a building permit. Structures exempt from a building permit to construction do not require a permit for demolition.

Prior to Permit Application

Written notice must be provided to adjoining properties and properties across the street(s), at least 48 hours prior to obtaining the permit. Eugene Property Explorer can be used to compile the list of addresses and property owners.

  • Search for the address of the structure to be demolished.
  • Click on each surrounding property.
  • Click on the pdf symbol to obtain a tax lot property report. The report will list the owner of the property.

Applying for the Permit

The application for the demolition requires the following information:

Applications should be submitted online through eBuild.

Additional information regarding these requirements is available in the Building Demolition handout

Additional Information

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