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Exterior of future city hall

Eugene’s Future City Hall

The plan to establish a new City Hall for the community is being realized with the City of Eugene completing its purchase of the former headquarters site of the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) at 500 E. 4th Ave. in Eugene on June 27, 2023. The site will establish a place for civic and community engagement, a public space on the river and increase ease of access to City services. City Hall offices are expected to open to the community in 2024. 

Next Steps

The Eugene City Council will receive a project update in early 2024. Several offices from within the Central Services Department, including the City Manager’s Office, will relocate to the new site first. An exact timeline and list of offices has not yet been finalized. City Hall offices are expected to open to the community in 2024. As part of the sale, EWEB will be able to maintain about 1,000 square feet of shared public-facing space where customers can make an appointment to conduct EWEB business. 


Since the previous City Hall building was closed in 2012, the City Council has considered several options to relocate City Hall. Plans were developed, site studies and assessments were completed, and financial requirements had been identified; then the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted life and created new economic uncertainties. As building costs steadily increased and building timelines pushed further out, Eugene had to reconsider other options. 

The former EWEB headquarters site resurfaced as the best and most financially responsible option for City Hall. The site provides the opportunity to increase efficiencies by consolidating some city services into one location.

The City has made significant investments in developing the downtown riverfront into an active and inviting public space that connects Willamette Street to the Willamette River, highlighting one of our community’s greatest natural assets. Purchasing the former EWEB headquarters site will keep this valued community asset in public hands, ensuring community access for years to come.


City Hall in the former EWEB headquarters provides the ability to achieve a City Hall with both short and long-term benefits to the community. 

City ownership will also support on-going downtown riverfront development efforts including public parking near the new park and incorporating the public fountain as a permanent park feature and presents an opportunity to develop a coordinated plan for the property to meet current and future needs. 

Locating City Hall at the site also provides the ability to vacate the fourth floor of the Downtown Library, creating new opportunities for that space, and re-imagining how the downtown park blocks can be developed to meet community priorities and needs. 


The City will continue to be thoughtful and deliberate in how it invests in Downtown. With a world-class performing arts center, a large conference center, a beautifully designed city library, the new Farmer’s Market Pavilion and many government services located Downtown, it is the cultural, creative, and commercial center of our city.

The City’s commitment to the businesses, employers and community members that work and play in Downtown Eugene remains steadfast and strong.  We are committed to a safer, attractive downtown for all and look forward to opportunities that ensure a thriving, vibrant future that celebrates the history, and heart, of Eugene 


City Council meetings can be viewed live or later on the City’s website.

Eugene City Council Special Meeting - January 30, 2023

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