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Supporting a livable and prosperous community is our core emphasis in developing educational and community partnerships. We promote and enhance local outreach efforts that advance conservation as an essential community value, with a focus on youth development and community livability.

Recycling in Eugene

Curbside recycling service is included in the cost of garbage collection. Most materials are commingled, with glass collected in a separate container. Contamination reduces the economy and effectiveness of our recycling system. Any items that are not recyclable should not be placed in commingled recycling bins.

This links to a page with recycling info that explains what is recyclable in Eugene

Fix-It Fairs

We invite the community to get items repaired at no cost. Volunteers and professionals provide free repairs, coaching to attendees, and  repair services for a variety of products, including small appliances, tools, clothing and textiles, small electronics, home and garden tools, furniture, and toys.  In 2019, the City partnered with the ToolBox Project, Eugene's tool lending library, to continue to provide Fix it Fairs and educational repair and reuse workshops to the community.

Hand holding needle and thread graphic-links to a page with Fix-it Fair information on repair

ToolBox Project

The ToolBox Project is a volunteer-driven tool-lending library open to Eugene residents. This local nonprofit provides repair and reuse education to residents in our area and low-cost access to building repair and garden tools to transform homes, businesses and neighborhoods and increase community resilience.

Toolbox Project

Sustainable Consumption

Many of us want to reduce our waste footprint and make sure that we are responsible stewards of our natural and community resources.  One strategy for reducing waste is to buy or consume less.  Eugene has a reputation for innovation, vision and for activating on its commitment to sustainability. We place an equal importance on  social equity, economic prosperity as well as the environment.

Contact Us

  1. Waste Prevention & Green Building

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    Waste Prevention Analyst

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