Training Overview

Once applicants are hired by Eugene Springfield Fire as firefighter/paramedics, they are placed into the fire academy, which is 14 weeks long and has a total of 560 hours of training.

For more information on the hiring process for firefighters, please go to the City of Eugene’s Jobs web page.

The curriculum is a combination of classroom lectures, hands-on training on the drill field, EMS skill and protocol orientation, and fitness training. Academy attendees learn leadership and personal accountability through the "Battalion" configuration of the class that allows each student the opportunity to be responsible for the communication through the "chain of command" on a rotational basis.

Classroom lectures are supported by drills and activities on the drill field that reinforce the critical skills that are needed to successfully operate at emergency incidents. Our entire curriculum is focused on operating in the safest manner possible during emergency operations.

Career Development

Eugene Springfield Fire also has extensive Engineer and Officer training programs that offer members the opportunity to participate in challenging career development programs that prepare individuals with the skills to drive and operate fire apparatus and direct and provide leadership to crews around the station and during emergency operations.

For more information about training at the Eugene Springfield Fire Academy or the curriculum for our programs, please email or call us.