Permit for Sales on Public Property in Downtown

The City is dedicated to encouraging economic activity and a vibrant downtown, while maintaining safe and accessible public pedestrian areas.  Anyone wishing to sell items on public property within the Downtown Activity Zone (DAZ - see map) must have a Downtown Activity Permit.

Obtain Your Permit by Appointment Only

You can obtain a permit for sales on public property by appointment from Parking Services. Call 541-682-5729 with any questions and to set up your appointment. 

Please bring your completed application form and the $25 fee (check or cash). You can download the application at the link below.

Please be aware that applications fees are non-refundable and there is a $25 replacement fee to reissue a permit.

A permit costs $25 and is valid for one year.

A permit does not reserve you a specific location to conduct your sales.

The permit does not authorize the sale of food or beverage.

All permit holders must:

  • Be physically present to vend an cannot transfer their permit to another vendor;
  • Carry the permit and present it when asked;
  • Not interfere with other permitted activities;  
  • Not use tables, umbrellas, or other items unless clearly authorized by the permit;  
  • Maintain a clear pedestrian lane on all sidewalks;
  • Maintain unencumbered access to/from private premises from the sidewalk;
  • Not affix anything to structures or vegetation;
  • Not occupy benches or other areas designated for the public to sit, except when expressly authorized by the permit;
  • Cooperate  with law enforcement officers, City personnel, or designees of the City  in enforcing the law and any conditions of the Downtown Activity  Permit;
  • Clean up the area and remove all belongings when done selling for the day; and,
  • Comply with all terms of the permit, the City Code and Administrative Rule R-3.336.

Downtown Activity Zone

Downtown Activity Zone Map