Convention & Visitor Bureaus

Convention and Visitor Bureau staff in a meeting or presentation

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Convention & Visitor Bureaus have a distinct role to play when it comes to making events more responsible.

Guiding Goals

In order to achieve the best possible outcome for responsible events, Convention & Visitor Bureaus are encouraged to: 

  • Cultivate a list of networked businesses and their stated triple bottom line values, or the ways their services and products align with responsible events. When shared with event stakeholders, this list provides a turnkey means to generate interest in appropriate local sponsor activations.
  • Design a general sponsorship framework that events can use specifically for responsible event activations.

Value Proposition

As a representative of CONVENTION & VISITOR BUREAUS and SPORTS COMMISSIONS, you understand that to effectively market your destination and bring in events you must have a captivating and unique story. 

The Responsible Event Framework provides a roadmap to help shape conversations that lead to real results.