Repair Resources and Upcoming Events

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2022-2023 Fix-it Workshops and Fix-it Fair Events 

Fix it Fairs and workshops allow volunteers and professionals to provide repairs for items such as a tools in need of sharpening, a small appliances (like a lamp or toaster), small electronics, an item of furniture, or even bicycles.  Fixer also provide coaching for attendees. 

The primary goals of Fix-It Fairs are to raise awareness of repair as a viable option in our community and reduce waste associated with broken items.  Fix-it Fairs are free and open to everyone.  

Upcoming Fix-it Events: 


  • Late October/early November: Spanish language Hazlo Tú Mismo repair event---date and location TBA

Many repair events took place digitally in 2021 and into 2022 and include recorded information as well as live Q&A sessions with local repair professionals (see links below).  

For more information about how to participate in these events as a volunteer, Fixer, or attendee, visit the ToolBox Project Fix it Fair web pages, or email Deveron Musgrave, Waste Prevention Analyst, City of Eugene.