Development Investment Liaison

Building things can be complex, and we want your project to succeed. The Development Investment Liaison serves as a resource for customers through the multiple disciplines supporting various stages of your project- land use, public works, infrastructure, building code, and permitting. There's a lot to know about and a lot to coordinate. And, the City of Eugene has someone to help with navigating various building processes and providing project support to customers, no matter how small or big their project may be.

Our Liaison is available to assist with:

  • Offering process assistance to first time or frequent flyer customers;
  • Sourcing project-specific information, including any available City of Eugene incentives;
  • Assisting projects as a proactive partner in identifying solutions to development challenges. ;
  • Learning about expectations through the development process- what's normal and what’s not;
  • Connecting multiple City stakeholders on projects, as applicable;
  • Improving coordination for City of Eugene information on projects; and
  • Listening to customer concerns and opportunities for continual improvement.


News to Build On

Receive information for your next project from our Development Liaison  in the quarterly News to Build On newsletter.  

News to Build On is a customer and project-focused resource for your current or future projects that move through the City of Eugene’s Permit and Information Center (PIC). Information in this newsletter is curated to cater to projects at all stages, from early concepts to projects under construction.


This initiative contributes to increasing housing affordability, availability, and diversity of type.  Find out more by clicking here.

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