Land Use Code Audit

Land Use Code Audit: Photo Courtesy of ArborSouth

The Housing Tools and Strategies working group process identified an audit of Eugene’s Land Use Code, to identify regulatory and process barriers, as a priority item with high agreement within the group. The City applied for and was awarded a grant for technical assistance from the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD).

The Envision Eugene Recommendation (2012) includes a commitment to provide housing affordable to all income levels. Eugene has been identified by the State as a priority city because it has a population where at least 25 percent of the renter households are “severely rent-burdened,” spending more than 50% of their income on housing and utilities.

The city worked with consultants, Angelo Planning Group, to complete a code audit to help ensure the zoning code allows, and does not include barriers to, development of housing for all income levels, as identified in the City’s 2017 Housing Needs Analysis.

The final audit provides a detailed assessment of the barriers to development and design issues for accessory dwelling units and "missing middle housing," including small lot detached houses, cottage cluster, plexes, row house, courtyard apartments, and other small-scale multi-family up to 20 units. Community input from the draft audit’s online survey and a list of projects that would remove the identified barriers are available for review.

Project Background

On March 18th, Angelo Planning Group, presented an overview of the project scope and methodology developed to analyze the City’s comprehensive plan, land use code, and other land development documents and regulations. The Planning Commission provided input on the scope and methodology of the analysis to be incorporated into the draft audit. Download a copy of the presentation.

The Planning Commission reviewed the draft land use code audit on April 22, 2019. The presentation slides are available for viewing. A webcast of the meeting is available on the Planning Commission web page.

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