Community Murals

This initiative is an opportunity for community members and commissioned artists to work together to envision and express the history of our region, our community values and/or what we’d like our future to look like.

Recent Murals

We Rise Mural and artist Rachel Wolfe-GoldsmithWe Rise

Mural by Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith

Painted: November 2021

Installed: January 2022

Location: Lane Community College - Mary Spilde Center

About: This 12’x16’ vibrant mural was created by Rachel Wolfe Goldsmith in response to the We Rise Committee goals of inspiring beauty, hope, change, unity and integrity. The We Rise Committee was formed to provide leadership opportunities for Black youth in Eugene to directly impact their City’s downtown cultural landscape and the current City narrative around Black youth culture. 

Learn more about the We Rise mural

Fibers of History Rodolfo SernaFibers of History

Mural by Rodolfo Redstone Serna

Dates painted: September & October 2020

Location: 744 West Park Street

 About: This mural was created to draw connections between the indigenous peoples of the Willamette Valley and the indigenous peoples of Latin America. Serna’s work celebrates the rich beauty power, and diversity of these cultures, while also touching on the fear and loss that has been experienced. The ultimate hope is to increase awareness of historical and contemporary issues faced by communities of color and encourage a dialogue around solidarity, reciprocity, unity and resistance.

Learn more and read the full mural statement

MIUSA mural complete full viewLoud, Proud, and Passionate

MIUSA mural completeCoordinated by Mobility International USA

Designed by artist Chloe Crawford

Dates painted: October & November 2019

Location: 842 Pearl Street, south wall of Full City Coffee Roasters

About: The idea of creating this mural was initiated by Susan Sygall, CEO and co-founder of MIUSA, who is also a wheelchair rider and disability rights activist. MIUSA, whose mission is to advance disability rights and leadership globally, is dedicated to advancing the status of disabled women around the world. Sygall wanted to see representations of disabled women leaders reflected in the Eugene community's new landscape of beautiful murals. Sygall asked alumni of MIUSA’s WILD program to share their ideas for mural themes, including emotions, imagery, or phrases it should convey. Among these were "Loud, Proud and Passionate®," the mantra of the WILD program. In the mural design, this mantra appears in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French, and its shorthand "LPP" is depicted in American Sign Language fingerspelling. These five languages are those which the WILD program has utilized in its trainings of women from around the world. Former MIUSA staff person, artist Chloe Crawford, designed the mural, and members from the community painted the final piece.

Learn more about the  MIUSA mural

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