Canines for Clean Water

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The Pet Waste Problem

Pet waste can add up when left behind in parks, streets and yards. Rainwater carries bacteria and other toxins into storm drains and ditches that flow directly to rivers and streams. And when pet waste decays in local waterways, it speeds up the growth of algae and aquatic weeds, using up valuable oxygen that fish need to survive.

In June 2013 we partnered with VCA Westmoreland Animal Hospital to survey intestinal parasite levels in pet waste samples at Amazon Dog Park. The study showed seven to 10 percent of the dogs had some type of parasite in their stools. The best way to isolate these nasties: scoop poop and dispose of it!

Be a Super Dooper Poop Scooper!

Canines for Clean Water Pledge: I promise to pick up after my dog and place all pet waste in the garbage can so it won’t pollute our local waterways.