ARPA Phase 1 Projects

The City of Eugene received an allocation of $35,908,036 in State and Local Recovery Funds under the American Rescue Plan Act.  This was received in two allocations of $17,954,018, with the first half received on June 1, 2021 and the second half on June 1, 2022.

In Phase 1, the City is focusing on investments to stabilize the organization to best position itself to support community recovery. While ARPA funding is being used to contribute to some revenue loss, the full economic impact of the pandemic cannot be solved with these dollars alone. The City will also continue to identify opportunities for organizational and community investments to be included in a future ARPA spending. The following is a summary of projects supported by the first round of ARPA appropriations.

Phase 1 projects, For explanation of pie chart refer to table at bottom of page

Early Investments

Childcare Assistance $300,000: 

Working with area partners to strengthen the childcare system in Eugene.

Financial Resilience $300,000:

Develop a new strategic planning and community engagement process for annual budget development.

Cybersecurity $250,000:

Strengthen network security and modernize our infrastructure.

Fire Services Stabilization $200,000:

Determine feasibility of next phase of Fire/EMS merger with City of Springfield.

Alternative Response Study $150,000:

Develop recommendations on options for alternative response to mental health crises, homelessness-related issues, and certain types of calls for service.

ARPA Coordination $120,000:

Temporary employee to provide project management of direct ARPA funds and coordinate grant applications for state and federal ARPA funding.

Unhoused Community Response

In partnership with Lane County we are providing needed resources and shelter for Camping Response which improves coordination, transparency, and responsiveness to urban camping to address the needs of people who lack housing and support the health and safety of our entire community.

Safe Sleep Sites provide safe, legal places for people experiencing homelessness to sleep and connect to services, as well as reduce the impacts of unsanctioned camping across the city.

Other Services supports operations for the new low-barrier Shelter and Navigation Center, costs to operate a mobile shower trailer and administrative costs for supporting businesses and homelessness services programming.

Contributions to Financial Stability

Accessibility and Safety Improvements $1 million:

Improvements to oldest parking garages.

Public Works Facility Improvements $600,000: 

Improvements to Roosevelt Yard, a 39,000 square foot facility that houses Public Works Maintenance, Fleet, and Parks and Open Space.

Fund Stabilization $600,000: 

Ambulance Transport Fund and Advanced Life Support service.

Urban Forestry $50,000: 

Invests in the tree planting program.

Fire Station 2 Budget Reduction Replacement $1 million 

To restore the station’s second engine to fully operational.

COVID-19 Response

$390,000: Funding for unbudgeted FY22 operating expenditures associated with COVID-19 pandemic.

Phase 1 Projects (data only)

Project NameAmount
Unhoused Community$13 M
Early Investments$1.4 M
Financial Stability$3.25 M
COVID-19 Response$390 K