Downtown and Riverfront Public Transportation and Shared Mobility Study

Riverfront Aerial View

Project Description

Eugene’s downtown area is changing in many ways:

  • New housing has been built in various areas of Downtown,
  • A new neighborhood is being built along the Riverfront,
  • The Fifth Street Public market has expanded in recent years, and
  • The former EWEB building along the Riverfront will become the new City Hall. 

These developments change the way people use Downtown and the way they travel to and from Downtown. The City of Eugene wants public transportation to serve the destinations that people live, work, and visit Downtown, now and in the future. Therefore, the city is starting a study to examine the best way for buses and shared mobility to serve Downtown, the Riverfront, and the new City Hall. The City of Eugene is working with Lane Transit District (LTD) on this project. 

This project will examine existing bus routes and look at which areas of Downtown and the Riverfront could be better served by public transportation. The City will then develop several options to improve bus routes, add or change bus stops, or provide other forms of transportation. Successful examples from other cities in the United States or abroad can help us find the best options. 

Public Engagement

In recent years, the City has asked people living in or visiting Downtown Eugene what they think should be improved through several public engagement initiatives, listed below. Community comments and suggestions from these efforts will inform this plan.

The team will also talk to various stakeholders, including businesses, people living in or visiting Downtown, and local government groups about their ideas for public transportation Downtown. These stakeholders will help the team determine how we can best improve Downtown public transportation. 

Once a few different options have been identified, staff will ask the general public for feedback on the alternatives.

Project Timeline

This project will kick off in the fall of 2023. In winter 2023-2034 staff aims to talk to stakeholders in Downtown. In early 2024 staff will present solutions for better Downtown public transportation and shared mobility. 

  1. Jody Trendler (She/her)

    Senior Transportation Planner