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Central Lane Communications is the largest of three public service answering points (PSAPs) in Lane County.

  • We dispatch fire and EMS services for 12 different agencies, providing coverage for 89% of Lane County by population.
  • We handle communications for about 1300 incidents every day, including both calls for service and self-initiated police activities such as traffic stops.
  • We dispatch the Eugene Police Department and answer emergency police calls for 7 other police agencies in Lane County.
  • We answer the non-emergency line for the Eugene Police Department.
  • We also are the point of contact for the Eugene CAHOOTS team. CAHOOTS, (Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets) is a locally contracted mobile crisis intervention team that provides free response for a broad range of non-criminal incidents, including intoxication, disorientation, substance abuse and complications of mental illness and depression.

Central Lane Communications provides 911 emergency call taking services for the following agencies

  • Coburg Fire District
  • Coburg Police Department
  • Dexter Fire District
  • Eugene Springfield Fire and EMS
  • Eugene Police Department
  • Junction City Fire Department
  • Junction City Police Department
  • Lake Creek Fire District
  • Lane County Sheriff’s Office
  • Lane Fire Authority
  • Lorane Fire District
  • Lowell Fire District
  • McKenzie Fire District
  • Mohawk Valley Fire District
  • Oakridge Fire Department
  • Oakridge Police Department
  • Oregon State Police
  • Pleasant Hill Goshen Fire & Rescue
  • South Lane Fire & Rescue
  • Springfield Police Department
  • University of Oregon Police Department
  • Upper McKenzie Fire District