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About Our Volunteers 

The Eugene Police Department’s Volunteers in Policing Program partners citizens and police in support of our crime prevention and community policing efforts. As a Eugene Police volunteer, you will have a front-row seat for behind-the-scenes operations of law enforcement. We recruit a wide range of volunteers from all demographics; we recruit people at all ages (18+), levels of income, and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. When citizens who receive police services are helping to design, prioritize, and even deliver services, a closer connection is made between the Police Department and the public. This is what community policing is all about.

Minimum Requirements for Becoming a Volunteer

  • You must be able to pass a background investigation. The background investigation includes a criminal history check and extensive employment and social reference checks.
  • You must have a commitment to comply with confidentiality requirements and police policies.
  • You must be willing to comply with the City of Eugene’s drug-free policy.
  • You must be supportive of the Eugene Police Department and comfortable working within a police environment which sometimes involves people-related emergencies and crisis conflict management.
  • Some assignments require volunteers to be 18 years of age or older, other assignments require volunteers to be retired. 
  • Most assignments require a minimum commitment of one four-hour shift per week for three months of service.

Volunteer Teams

We have a wide variety of volunteer placement possibilities, and we work with volunteer candidates to find the ideal placement. We continuously accept applications for volunteers on our Squad Car Maintenance Team and on our Seniors on Patrol Team. Contact the Volunteers in Policing Program Manager, Lindy Smith by email or by phone at 541-682-5355 for more information.

Process for Becoming a Volunteer

  • Fill out an application for volunteer service.
  • Interview with the VIP Program Manager at Eugene Police Headquarters.
  • Complete a Personal History Questionnaire.
  • Background Investigation; includes a criminal history check and extensive employment and social reference checks. 
  • If you pass the background investigation, you will be notified by the VIP Program Manager and scheduled for orientation. 
  • Orientation at Eugene Police Headquarters. 

If you would like more information, contact the Volunteers in Policing Program Manager, Lindy Smith by email or by phone at 541-682-5355

  1. Program Statistics
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2022 Volunteer Statistics

Last year, 71 volunteers contributed 11,310 hours of service to the department and the community with an added value of $338,735. The national average value of volunteer time is developed by the Independent Sector and is currently $29.95.

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