Energy Management Program

What is the City of Eugene doing to save energy & cost in city buildings?

  • Utility Use Tracking: Energy and water use in City buildings is monitored every month to spot changes in use and billing errors.
  • Preventive Maintenance: The Facility Division uses a Computerized Maintenance Management System to schedule regular service to building equipment and avoid the inefficiency and expense of unexpected breakdown.
  • Efficiency Standards: New or replacement equipment, such as motors or lighting, is required to be high-efficiency. Building remodels and new construction are designed to high efficiency standards.
  • Targeted Efficiency projects: Examples of projects recently completed have improved the operational efficiency of the City’s indoor swimming pools: transitioned buildings to a high-efficiency alternative to steam heat; and upgraded numerous smaller heating/cooling systems.

What help do we get from other agencies with the cost of energy efficiency projects?

The City of Eugene has pursued and obtained over $2 million in energy efficiency incentives to support efficiency upgrades in our buildings since the inception of our Energy Management Program in 1995. Over 100 separate incentives, ranging in size from $50 to $150,000, have been applied for and received by the City since 1995. These incentives help "buy down" the first cost of these projects allowing additional projects to be undertaken.

Eugene Water and Electric Board has been the primary source of incentives, with growing involvement by the Energy Trust of Oregon for measures that conserve natural gas. Additionally, the City has been able to use the Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC) pass-through program from the Oregon Department of Energy to support some projects.