Education Resources

Plant Strong Nutrition
E2 Meal Plans, Grocery List
E2 Recipes
Plant Based Diet Recipes

Bloodborne Pathogen Control Plan
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

Diet and Nutrition
6 Ways to tame Your Appetite and Cravings
Plant Strong Video
Do vegetarians get enough protein? (video)
Exercise and Nutrition Log
Diet / Food Plans
Hit List of Weight Gaining Behaviors

Color Your Diet
Nutrition Data
Weight Loss Resources

Presentation Slides
Healthy Kitchen Checklist
Healthy Kitchen Recipes

Blood Pressure Education
Blood Pressure Machines
City-Wide List of Locations
Preventing and Controlling High Blood Pressure

Ergonomic Info and Resources
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Create a healthy work environment. This OSHA e-tool will help you learn about proper body positions and correct placement of the keyboard, monitor, etc.
Ergonomics: Evaluating Your Computer Workstation

Influenza Information
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Flu Information

Health and Fitness Education
Oral Health - A Window to Your Overall Health
Brain on Exercise - PowerPoint presentation on stress
5 Minute Feel Good Warm Up
Moving Mountains
Make exercise a part of your life.
Maximizing Brain Power
Direction EAP Video Resources
Wellness videos on the topics of Brain Science and Stress, Healthy Sleep, and Worry Less are now available through the link above.
Smoking Cessation and Cancer Information
Tobacco Free LifeAmerican Cancer Society