Public Passenger Vehicles (PPV)

Transportation Network Company Driver Certification Renewals Can Be Done ONLINE

PPV Driver Certification Required

PPV driver certification is required for ALL drivers of:

  • Taxis
  • Shuttles
  • Transportation Network Vehicles (UBER and Lyft)
  • Pedal Vehicles 

Public Passenger Vehicle Code, Administrative Rules and Fees: 2018 Updates

PPV Information for Drivers from the Eugene Police Department

  • Driver Letter from EPD
    • Illuminated dash or window mounted lights for both UBER and Lyft are NOT legal in Oregon.
    • Illegal U-turns

Public Passenger Vehicles (PPV) in Eugene

A public passenger vehicle is any vehicle which is used for the transportation of passengers for hire, including, but not limited to, shuttles, horse-drawn carriages, non-motorized bike cabs, taxicabs and transportation network vehicles.

A public passenger vehicle (PPV) license is required for any person or business to operate a public passenger vehicle company within the jurisdictional limits of Eugene and Springfield. However, an unlicensed public passenger vehicle operating outside of the jurisdictional limits of Eugene and Springfield may deliver a fare from outside those limits to a location within the limits, and if the vehicle waits for the person, retrieve the person for the return trip back outside the jurisdictional limits.

Filing a Complaint

You can now file a complaint online about a PPV company or a driver. 

Driver/Operator Certification

To operate a motorized public passenger vehicle in Eugene and Springfield, a PPV driver certification card, issued by the Business License Office, is required.

Currently Licensed Eugene-Springfield PPV Companies

Taxi Companies  
Cascade Cab Company 541-255-3444
Eugene Elite Taxi 541-513-1950
Go Taxi 541-343-0167
Jonny CAB 541-852-5321
Oregon Taxi 541-434-8294
Express Taxi 562-900-7433
Flightright 541-650-1369
Shuttle Services    
Groome Transportation 541-207-0493
Pedicab Companies  
Emerald City Pedicab 541-833-0022