Get A Vehicle Released From Impound

Impound Release Requirements

In order for a vehicle in impound custody to be released, you must:

  • Pay an administrative fee of $125 (cash, Visa or MasterCard)
  • Be the registered owner or lien holder
  • Have a driver with a valid license present
  • Provide proof of insurance with that vehicle listed by VIN with a valid expiration date, or in the case of the lien holder a valid blanket policy.

Impound Release FAQ

Can anyone else pick up the vehicle if the registered owner of the vehicle is out of town, or otherwise unable to come to Police Records?

Yes, it is possible for the registered owner to designate someone to pick up an impounded vehicle. A notarized authorization accompanied by a legible copy of the front and back of the registered owner’s identification will need to be submitted to Police Records by mail or fax: 541-682-6804.

What if the officer kept my drivers license?

If your Oregon drivers license is suspended, or you are cited for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) the officer will return your license to the DMV. An individual cited for DUII, may receive an implied consent form which provides temporary driving privileges. Suspended registered owners will need to bring a valid driver to Police Records.

Can I use insurance from another vehicle or issued to another person?

We need proof of insurance on a specific vehicle listed by VIN. The policy may be purchased by anyone.

We will be towing the vehicle from the impound lot. Do I still need a valid driver and to have the vehicle insured?


My vehicle was impounded last night. Where is it?

The list of tow companies, with their contact information, is on the bright gold impound form that is provided by the officer at the time of the stop.

My proof of insurance is in my vehicle. How can I get it?

We need proof of current insurance to release your vehicle from impound. You may go to the tow company to retrieve your proof of insurance (gate fee may be charged at tow companies discretion), or have your insurance company fax the proof directly to Police Records. Police Records fax number is: (541)682-6804.

Will my insurance bill serve as valid proof of insurance?


Can I use a bill of sale or signed off title as proof of ownership?

A bill of sale may be used as proof of ownership if it is notarized, and from the seller listed on the vehicle registration. A properly signed off title will be accepted as proof of ownership.

Can I contest the validity of my vehicle impound?

You may request a hearing on an impounded vehicle through the Eugene Municipal Court. Forms are available from Police Records. The requests for hearing must be made within five calendar days from the date of the mailing of the notice of impound. The hearing request must be presented in person to the Municipal Court.