What are Urban Reserves?

Urban Reserves are a special designation, allowed by state law, for lands outside the urban growth boundary (UGB) that can be considered a first priority if and when a city needs to expand for a growing population. Currently, we have enough land within our UGB to meet forecasted population growth until 2032. The goal of Urban Reserves planning is to identify where Eugene may grow to serve up to 30 years of population growth beyond the 2032 UGB, or as late as 2062. Similar to a UGB, Urban Reserves are supposed to include enough land needed for housing and jobs, as well as public lands such as parks, schools and other services. However, Urban Reserve lands remain rural, and cannot be urbanized, unless they are brought into a city’s UGB through the formal process for expansion. Urban Reserves must be jointly agreed upon and designated by the Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners.

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1. What are Urban Reserves?
2. Why are we planning for Urban Reserves?
3. What is the urban growth boundary (UGB)?
4. Will Urban Reserve areas be managed by City of Eugene or Lane County?
5. How long until Urban Reserves are brought into the UGB?
6. Which Urban Reserve land is likely to come into the UGB first?
7. How would the Urban Growth Boundary expansion process be different with Urban Reserves in place? Would we still need to go through all that analysis?
8. Does designating Urban Reserves limit our options for future UGB expansions?
9. What’s the timeline?
10. Why are Urban Reserves important now?
11. Will Urban Reserves change the current Urban Growth Boundary?
12. Will this process include planning for Rural Reserves?
13. How many people are we planning for?
14. So, how large will Urban Reserves be?
15. If the proposed Urban Reserve area is planning for as far out as 2059, won’t your projections and analysis be outdated by then?
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