Why is Council only considering one proposal for this site?

The City received only one submission in response to the Request for Proposals. Given the challenges of redeveloping the site and meeting the rent requirements, it is not surprising that the City did not receive multiple proposals. This is a unique, challenging, and complicated project. There are challenges working with a constrained L-shaped site with a vacant, unmaintained building. It is difficult to construct buildings downtown, due to the tight physical space. In addition, the mixed-income housing model is complex. It requires an understanding of both the market-rate and Affordable-Housing development realms, including the knowledge of how to navigate federal Affordable Housing requirements.

Other developers in Eugene expressed interest in the RFP, and we asked why they did not submit a proposal. We learned that some had a lack of capacity to take on additional work. Others reported that they would be interested in the project if it had included the corner lot, but they were unable to acquire that parcel.

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1. What’s happening at 1059 Willamette Street?
2. What is the proposed project?
3. What is Affordable Housing?
4. Is this project considered Affordable Housing?
5. What is the City of Eugene contributing to this project?
6. Why isn’t this project for households with incomes less than 60% Area Median Income?
7. What are the tools available to support lower-income Affordable Housing?
8. Is the City doing anything else to create Affordable Housing?
9. What are the proposed rents and how were they calculated?
10. How do we know only households at or below 80% of Area Median Income will be able to rent the income-qualified units?
11. How long will these 80% AMI rents be maintained?
12. Who is the team that proposed the Montgomery?
13. Why is Council only considering one proposal for this site?
14. Why is the City pursuing a mixed-income housing project?
15. Is it true that the City is giving $10 million to this development team?