What is Eugene Doing to Fight Graffiti?
Each year, the City of Eugene Maintenance division removes over 9,250 tags on public property, including USPS mail boxes and utility owned surfaces.

Traffic Maintenance staff routinely removes graffiti from the public rights of way. Examples include graffiti on traffic signs, light poles, light boxes, and federal mail boxes. The staff have regular routes that cover frequently tagged areas, including specific areas of town and bridge structures. Once reported, staff usually conduct a field visit within three working days. Gang-related, hate-related and obscene reports are dealt with immediately during regular business hours.

In addition, Parks and Open Space staff remove graffiti from developed parks. There is no funding available to remove graffiti from undeveloped parks, including bike paths in undeveloped parks. Facilities staff removes graffiti from City-owned facilities.

Public Works does not remove graffiti from private property. Private property owners are encouraged to remove graffiti immediately because prompt removal discourages additional graffiti.

The Volunteers in Policing program established the Huckleberry Patrol Team, a volunteer-driven graffiti abatement effort. The team locates, documents, and removes graffiti primarily on private property in midtown Eugene (11th to 15th, Charnelton to Ferry) and surrounding blocks. The program runs April to November, depending on the weather.

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