Will this smell bad?

As long as your kitchen container and outside food waste/yard debris bin are properly maintained, there should be minimal or no odor issues. To prevent odor issues you can: •Drain excess liquids from your food scraps down the sink. •Shut the lid of your kitchen container and food waste/yard debris bin when you don’t use it. •Refrigerate or freeze smelly food scraps in a container or zipper-top bag until collection day. •Rinse or wash with soap and water your kitchen container after emptying it into your food waste/yard debris bin. •Clean your yard debris bin regularly with soap and water (make sure this is done in a grassy or gravel area so residue does not go into the street and storm drain). •Maintain a good mix of yard debris and food scraps in your bin, when possible. •Store containers in a shady area if possible. •Even if your food waste/yard debris bin isn’t very full, be sure to bring it to the curb for every collection day.

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1. Why is the City of Eugene implementing citywide residential food waste collection?
2. What curbside collection changes will happen in Eugene?
3. What happens to residential food waste and yard debris that is collected by the haulers?
4. How much does this program cost?
5. After October 1, 2019, what can I put in my yard debris bin?
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7. How do I keep my kitchen container and food waste/yard debris cart clean?
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11. Will this smell bad?
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